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The Herpes Survival Guide: Steps to Living Happy and Healthy after Herpes
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The Herpes Survival Guide: Steps to Living Happy and Healthy after Herpes

Gary Samuels
The Herpes Survival Guide is a seven step process to become happy and healthy after a Herpes diagnosis. Herpes comes in two main types HSV-1 (cold sores) and HSV-2 (genital herpes). Both can cause difficulties in your health, self esteem, and dating/sex life. There is a lot to learn about living with Herpes. The Herpes Survival Guide has 187 of tips, strategies, and advice to living life to your fullest with this little virus. The Guide is based on the website Herpes is treatable! You can do many things to treat Herpes such as medication, herbal remedies, and prevention strategies. You can also have an active, loving dating an sex life with Herpes. You'll have to make just a few changes to have healthy sex with this virus. Here's what you'll learn in The Herpes Survival Guide: Step One: Getting a Diagnosis. In this chapter you’ll learn about the different Herpes viruses, and how to get the right test. Many people don’t know if they have Herpes, so getting an accurate test is essential. You’ll also do some exercises that will help you through accepting and coming to peace with your diagnosis. Step Two: How to Calm your Crazy Emotions. You can be very emotional after a Herpes diagnosis. In this chapter you’ll explore the reasons for your emotional reaction and some underlying deeper emotions that exaggerate a negative reaction. You’ll go through some exercises that will help calm your emotions, that way you can begin taking positive actions so you can live happy and healthy with the virus. Step Three: How to Treat your Outbreaks. Getting uncomfortable outbreaks is the worst part of having Herpes. In this chapter you’ll learn the best ways to manage and suppress those outbreaks. Step Four: How to use Herpes Support Groups. Joining a support group can help you a lot when you first get a diagnosis. You’ll meet new friends and receive much needed emotional support. Step Five: How to Tell Your Partner. Telling your partner that you have Herpes is one of the most intimidating early challenges when you first get Herpes. This chapter has some useful exercises and instruction on how to do this. Step Six: How to Date and Have Sex with Herpes. This chapter gives some simple advice on how to restart or continue your dating life after the Herpes diagnosis. It’s a lot easier than you might think. And there’s you’ll get suggestions and precautions about what you’ll have to do in the bedroom also. Step Seven: How to be Happy and Healthy with Herpes. Improving your health is quite important after a Herpes diagnosis. In this chapter you’ll learn suggestions for bettering your health which lowers risks of outbreaks. You’ll also get some great tips for staying happy with the virus.

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